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Do you have minimum quantity requirements ?

The minimum quantity for Tiles and Marbles is 15m², however we can always try to accommodate depending on your project and the help you might need from IvySpace in sourcing other materials (fabrics, furniture, kitchen worktop etc.).

No minimum quantities required for Furniture.

How do i calculate how much tiles or marbles to order ?

We would recommend to calculate your area in square meters (taking away the doors and windows) and at the end add on top a 10-15% waiste. If you are going for large tiles/slabs (larger than 600x1200mm) we would advise doing the calculation tile by tile, not by m².

For Bookmatching, please reach out for advice.

Can I see the materials beforehand or order samples?

We stock materials in our showroom so you are more than welcome to join us, on an appointment basis only.  

For Marbles/Natural Stones, we typically don’t send samples out as marbles is a natural stone and there is great variations. Especially in veined materials a small sample does not help a lot, you need to see the whole slab. IvySpace shares pictures of the specific slabs that will be used for a project, something that clients appreciate a lot. For large projects, we welcome clients to travel with us to our partner quarries abroad.

For Porcelain tiles, everything is easier since it is a man made product and merchandise is consistent, i.e. there are no variations. We have many samples in showroom but we can also share pictures of the actual material (i.e. not pictures from the manufacturer).

For Furniture, we have a wide selection of fabrics/wood in our showroom but we can also share pictures of previously manufactured items.

Do you have your furniture in stock?

No, we don’t hold any furniture in stock as all pieces are bespoke and made to measure to the dimensions that suit your living space. We offer a wide range of different fabrics, wood, brass materials predominantly from Italy that you can see at our showroom.

Do I need an appointment to view the showroom?

Yes, please kindly arrange an appointment beforehand and give us as much information as possible so we can prepare for your visit.

What is your delivery time frame? Are there any extra costs involved?

Our delivery time frame is usually 2-3 weeks for Tiles/Marbles and between 4-8 weeks for furniture. Before ordering, we will let you know of the exact timelines. No extra costs involved for deliveries in London area.

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes, we have already supplied materials to Asia and other parts of Europe. Prices indicated in the website include delivery but only to London area.

What do I do if materials arrive damaged or broken?

We typically insure our shipments. The general condition of your order should be inspected and any obvious damage itemised on the delivery note. Please ensure that the outer packaging is carefully opened so that inspection of the material can be made. Please do not sign as “unchecked” as this may invalidate any future claims. Please notify us of any issues as soon as possible (see our Terms & Conditions at our website).

Minor edge chipping and slight imperfections are normal and often tiles that are slightly damaged can be used in cuts. We advise that you order a 10-15% allowance above and beyond your actual requirements to allow for potential cuts and wastage.

How will my delivery be made?

Standard deliveries in the UK are made between 8.30am and 5pm. Should you require a more accurate timescale just contact us and we will aim to arrange at no extra  cost. Given that the transport company is not part of Ivy Group, please note we cannot guarantee the exact timing.

Deliveries are generally made using a large heavy goods vehicle. Please advise us in advance of any access issues. Someone must be available to accept, sign for and safely store the goods as required. Unfortunately, the driver is not able to unpack products and move them from the place of delivery.

It is important that you provide us with the correct contact number should we need to call you prior to delivery. If a delivery fails because of incomplete or incorrect information being supplied, or if we are unable to contact you, then additional charges may be incurred.

Do you do kitchen worktops?

Absolutely ! Our team have a wide experience in fitting worktops with granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and large Porcelain slabs. We believe we have an edge in sourcing unique materials at the right price while offering a truly personal, bespoke service.

Is it possible to use Marble for kitchen worktop?

Yes it is ! If we do the fitting, our team will use a special protection to seal it. Marble isn’t too difficult to keep clean and it handles heat, as well as providing a cool food preparation surface.

On the other hand, yes it is porous so it needs careful handling (especially specific materials) but there are many advantages to it:

  1. Colour Options: being a natural stone and quarried all over the world, the colour, shade and veining is different from mountain to mountain; it is extremely difficult to be replicated by Quartz or Porcelain or any other synthetic material.
  2. Timeless Design: Maybe we are a bit biased but we believe Marble provides a timeless design which will never go out of fashion.
  3. Uniqueness: When marble is quarried, they are first cut into large blocks (normally the size of your room) and is then sliced down into thin sheets. Each block is different. So, the chances of your neighbour having the same worktop as you, are quite slim!
  4. Practicality: Due to its porous surface, marble can be re-polished very easily; unlike Quartz or Granite which require heavy machinery to bring the face up to a sheen finish. Marble can be polished to looking brand new in only one day.
Do you offer Quartz, Granite?

Absolutely yes ! We do work with all major brands of Quartz for kitchen worktops but we do not advertise it in our website since the materials are quite common in the market: Silestone, Neolith, Caesarstone, Compac etc. There is typically 10 year warranty with these products, in some cases even 30 years.  We do also offer a wide range of Granites, please reach out for advice.

Do you offer outdoor solutions for my garden in natural stone or/and Porcelain ?

Yes we do! We have a wide selection of 20mm porcelain tiles and natural stones to choose from.

Do you have waterjet cutting facilities for natural stones?

Yes, we have waterjet cutting facilities which allows us to cut non standard dimensions, like curves, geometric shapes etc. Sky is the limit with IvySpace ! Please reach out for advice.

Do you also undertake Commercial work or only Residential projects ?

Absolutely, we have been doing work for Jewellery Brands (in the UK and Asia), Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Offices.

Why does your website show “From” prices for Porcelain Tiles and Furniture and no prices for Marbles?

Prices  for Porcelain Tiles depend on dimensions and finish (matt/glossy). Typically the larger the tile, the higher the price per m2.  The prices we have indicated as “From” is for smaller size and Matt finish.

Prices for Marble vary even more due to being a natural material. There are many different qualities even with the same material. Also, availability is constantly changing due to quarry productions.

Prices for Furniture is again bespoke and depends on the fabrics/wood you choose and the item dimensions.

We would recommend to always contact us and we can advise appropriately, we are pretty fast in responding.

What information do you require for a quote for Porcelain or Marble Tiles?

It would be very helpful if you send us answers to the below via email at sales@ivyspace.co.uk and our team will reply asap with our Quotation (usually within a few hours).

  1. Please specify whether you are after natural stone or porcelain tiles. Due to the great quality of porcelain tiles with marble effect, sometimes clients get confused.
  2. How many m2 ? Please include 10-15% waiste in your calculations
  3. Honed or Polished or any other Finish preferred ? Please note that for Marbles, we can also provide other finishes (leather, brushed etc.)
  4. What is the use of materials ? Walls, floors, kitchen worktop ?
  5. Delivery address, our costing typically includes transport.
  6. Any timing considerations related to your project.  
Do you offer Trade discounts?

We are somewhat different in the sense that our business model is centered around offering quality products direct from the manufacturers - cutting out all middlemen. We trust our prices are competitive for a reason. Having said that, it matters a lot to us the size of the order and whether client is a “repeat” client, so yes we do offer further discounts.

Is there in your website all the products you can supply?

No, this is just a selection of materials we have been sourcing as examples. We typically work based on client’s requests. Clients sometimes send us pictures of what exactly they are looking after. We offer a truly bespoke service.

Do you also provide fitting services?

Yes, we do provide a “turn key” service. From concept to sourcing to fabrication to installation. Ensuring peace of mind from start to finish. Please see our Projects section for the quality of our work; we are very proud of all of them!

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