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Once your order is handed over to the carrier, you will be informed by Email about the tentative delivery date give or take one working day.

Once your order arrives at the logistics terminal, the carrier will get in touch with you using the phone number specified in your order, in order to agree on the delivery date and time slot convenient for you.

The orders are delivered on working days (Monday through Friday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The goods may be stored at the carrier’s for three days free of charge. After that, it is £25/day.





The tiles are delivered by trucks equipped with a tail lift and are unloaded from the truck on the road at the customer’s delivery address. Therefore, the customer shall ensure that the delivery place is fully accessible for the said vehicles and there is enough space for the goods to be unloaded.

Further handling of the goods (e. g. delivery to flat/garage/house/yard) is not included in the shipping expenses and shall be arranged by the customer.

Once you are not sure that the truck will have full access to the delivery address and there will be enough space for the goods to be unloaded, please contact your dedicated Customer Support specialist prior to order confirmation, so that we could suggest alternative goods delivery routes.





In the event that any damage to the packaging/shortage / mixed items / defective tiles are revealed, the customer shall describe this in the delivery note prior to acknowledge the receipt of the goods with his/her signature and take photos of the goods as they are delivered on a pallet.

Should any defective tiles be revealed, the customer, within one working day, informs the dedicated Customer Service specialist thereof providing a copy of the delivery note, the photos of the goods as they were delivered on a pallet, as well as the photos of all defective tiles. There is no need to give the defective tiles back to the carrier.

Important! No claims are accepted by tile manufacturers after the tiles are laid or unpacked.





We accept payments by credit card,by bank transfer,via PayPal. We are a verified PayPal member. Therefore all payments of our customers are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection


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