South Hampstead

London, UK

Client was looking for a high spec transformation of his 2 bed/2 bathroom flat. Working in the Finance sector, he wanted materials that are “value for money” but at the same time not sacrifice on quality since he might want to sell the flat in the near future. He did not have the time required to do all the research nor had access to wholesale prices.

This is when he reached out to IvySpace. Working together with his Architect/Design team, we used our network of wholesale producers abroad, sourcing premium materials and arranging the logistics taking away all the hassle. In particular, we provided:

Marble look wall coverings in living room – large porcelain slabs 3.20m x 1.6m. Product Statuario R
Made to Measure cupboards in bedrooms. Product: Fitty
Bespoke Kitchen with natural stone as worktop (Granite)
Brick wall feature (Brickslips) in bedrooms. Product Barbotage
Matching blinds, pillows (fabric with stripes).
Bespoke wall Lights in bedroom

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