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Polished concrete floors have been in fashion for a while and our concrete effect tiles can help you achieve that look. Made from porcelain, they’re far more practical than poured cement and come in a variety of sizes, styles and tones.

Apart from the usual sizes, IvySpace also supplies herringbone, geometric patterns, large slabs for large surfaces (e.g. for kitchen worktops, wall claddings).

You can use our cement effect tiles in bathrooms, outdoor spaces (such as patio, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, exterior walls, building facades).

IvySpace specialises in sourcing high quality tiles both for residential and commercial use. Exceptional customer service is our number one priority.

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  • Catarac

    FROM: £39.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Cimento

    FROM: £35.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Cream

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Grey

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Taupe

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Re-use

    FROM: £40.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Silex

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Tr3nd

    FROM: £38.00 m2 ex VAT
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