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IvySpace offer a Turn-Key service with regards to Kitchen Worktops and any Large slabs fitting. From Concept to Sourcing to Fabrication to Installation. Ensuring peace of mind.

IvySpace has filtered the market to offer the best range of designed stoneware large format tiles on the market.

A family of unusual sizes up to over 160x320 cm, in a large number of looks and textures for all intended uses: floor and wall coverings, building facades, indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Our large slabs have thicknesses starting from 6mm, up to 20mm. The reduced thickness does not make the slab more fragile, but more flexible, ensuring strong resistance to impacts. They are lightweight and easy to handle in spite of their size.

Where do we use Large porcelain slabs mostly?

  • Walls / Floors cladding
  • Kitchen/Bathroom countertops: Worktops must be scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and durable over time. We supply slabs for kitchen worktops with 12mm and 20mm thickness. Also, full body where you can see the veins running through the material (ideal for mitre finish)
  • Building facades: our large slabs offer possibilities for cladding building facades with a wide range of finishes and colours: from classic stone and marble effects to representations of metals and fabrics. Some of IvySpace slabs allow increased energy performance of a building to which they are applied.
  • Furniture: tables, doors, top of fireplaces, shower trays, doors, cabinets etc.

What are the benefits of an IvySpace large slab porcelain ?

  • A clean, uniform appearance due to the absence of joints. Due to the very large height of slabs (up to 3.2 metres), you can have entire walls without a single joint
  • Just pure design aesthetics. For example, you can achieve impressive Bookmatch effects.
  • Slim thickness and light weight (6, 12, 20 mm)
  • Stress resistance
  • Easy installation and care

Showing all 28 results

  • Bianco Luna Tiles - Statuario Marble Effect

    Bianco Luna

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Black Fossil Tile applied on a floor

    Black Fossil Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Black Gold Porcelain Tiles with Marble effect

    Black Gold

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Hotel Reception with Italian Black Marble

    Black Marquina

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Blue Fossil Porcelain Tiles applied

    Blue Fossil Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Unique Brown Forest Marble Tiles

    Brown Forest

    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Calacatta Borghini (P)

    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Calacatta Goldy

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Calacatta Luna application on a wall

    Calacatta Luna

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Calacatta Oro (P)

    FROM: £49.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Carrara Marble look Porcelain fit on a wall

    Carrara Premium

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Catarac

    FROM: £39.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Corten Tiles used for a metal look floor

    Corten Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Green Fossil Porcelain Tile applied on a wall

    Green Fossil Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Bathroom covered with Green Marble Effect Slab

    Green Verde

    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Elegant Grey Onyx Marble Slabs

    Grey Onyx

    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Cream

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Grey

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Grip Taupe

    FROM: £42.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Drama Marble - Elegant Application

    Marble Drama

    FROM: £69.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Paonazzo Calacatta Porcelain applied on wall

    Paonazzo Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Patagonia Marble effect Slab


    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Pietra Grey Slab- Extremely stylish marble tile

    Pietra Gray Slabs

    FROM: £58.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Black Slate IvySpace Slabs applied on wall

    Slate Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Wall application of a Large Statuario Slab

    Statuario Extra Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Statuario Michele Marble effect- Application in kitchen

    Statuario Michele

    FROM: £47.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Polished Taj Mahal Quarzo Slabs Porcelain 160x320cm

    Taj Mahal Quartzo Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
  • White Diamond slabs for kitchen worktops

    White Diamond Slabs

    FROM: £125.00 m2 ex VAT
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