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Porcelain tiles as opposed to natural wood, are much more practical in terms of durability, cleaniness.

With our quality wood effect tiles, it is very difficult to really tell the difference versus the natural, warm look of real wood.

Herringbone style is quite popular, together with large-scale planks perfect for more contemporary spaces. We also do offer other non standard designs such as Versailles e.g. our "Curos".

Our wood effect porcelain tiles are predominantly used in walls, floors, kitchens, restaurants, commercial spaces but also lately living rooms.

IvySpace specialise in supplying the best Wood Effect tiles in the market.

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  • Curos

    FROM: £39.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Sale Wood effect tiles for living room


    FROM: £65.00 £46.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Fiordo

    FROM: £43.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Montreal

    FROM: £43.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Tahoe Wood Effect Tiles Application

    Tahoe Wood

    FROM: £46.00 m2 ex VAT
  • Vintage

    FROM: £43.00 m2 ex VAT
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