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Thassos Marble

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The marble of Thassos is popular around the world for its pure white color and brightness. Since the ancient times, the Greek island of Thassos has been famous for its marble quarries. Became famous in the seventh century BC, when a colony from Paros was established there. Since then, its marble, produced mostly in the quarries of Alyki, on the southern side of the island, was exported to far away places in Asia and all over the Mediterranean Seas, to construct temples and monuments. The Romans used much this marble for their monuments. Be careful of different grades of Thassos (whether absolutely pure white or not), this has a huge difference in pricing. The White Marble of Thassos is available in the following categories: Thassos Extra, A1, A2, A3, Commercial.

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Additional information

Name Thassos
Type Marbles
Material Natural Stone
Country Greece
Dimensions Standard tiles sizes, cut to size and bespoke. Slabs 20mm and 30mm
Finish Polished or Honed
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