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About us

If you believe luxury tiles should be for everyone, discover IvySpace…

We are a family owned and run business, obsessed with sourcing premium porcelain and natural stone tiles. IvySpace makes it simple for those passionate about design to find luxury tiles at affordable prices - without long lead-times or compromises in quality.


Our Story

IvySpace was founded from a passion for property. After his move to London and a successful finance career, Peri began working on his other interest - property renovations. Yet he quickly realised achieving a luxury finish was far too expensive and time-consuming. Sourcing materials was overwhelming, with too much choice and not enough focus on quality.

So, he reached out to his father and cousins - who owned one of the largest Tile factories in South-Eastern Europe. Together they began extensive research and testing of materials, accepting only the best and working directly with manufacturers. Now, with a presence in the UK and Greece, and contacts all over the world, IvySpace represents Peri’s early passion and his family’s expertise.

What We Do

By simplifying the supply chain, IvySpace is able to supply luxury porcelain and marble tiles at prices directly from the manufacturers.

We are also the only online retailer in the UK specialising in large-format tiles and slabs.

Flexibility and affordability underpin everything we do. We offer kerbside (home) delivery and collection from either our North England or our South England warehouses - in an effort to keep costs for our customers as low as possible.

About Our Tiles

Our Porcelain is sourced from some of the best factories in the world. Predominantly Italian, it is high-quality, impact-resistant and durable. We can supply even small quantities with record delivery times.

Our Marble generally comes from quarries in Northern Greece, where we also have our largest warehouse. Long-held as some of the finest in the world, Greek marble meets Italian quality but without the price tag. IvySpace specialises in Greek marbles, with a very wide range of white materials.

Our Environmental Impact

IvySpace is committed to reducing our impact on our planet. We are working to eliminate all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging, and to ensure that any environmentally impactful materials we use are 100% sustainably sourced.

Why IvySpace?

1. We provide high spec items and a truly bespoke service at a competitive cost. But how?

  • Sourcing direct from the Makers. Shipping direct to your project. No middlemen.
  • No need for a costly rental place adding costs to the business passed to clients.
  • No large headcount, marketing spend. Primarily work by word of mouth and online.

2. Laser focus on excellent service & custom support. "Details" are not details for IvySpace. Tailored. Flexible. Being property investors ourselves, we "feel" you! We don't like to spend, we like to save.

3. We provide a “Turn Key” quality service. From initial concept to design to supply to fit. Able to provide 3D (CGI) so as to visualize before ordering.

Our Clients